BREAKING: Republican Congressmen Call for Official Investigation into FBI/CIA Setup of Alex Jones

by Adan Salazar

April 12th 2024, 7:59 am

Alex Jones should definitely pursue legal action against the FBI and CIA after an undercover exposé featured an agent admitting the controversial radio host was unjustly targeted, GOP lawmakers are urging.

On Wednesday, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) told Benny Johnson that Jones should politically fight back against being targeted by the DOJ’s weaponization of the justice system, as admitted by a CIA contractor in a recent undercover exposé.

“Alex Jones if you’re listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?” Nehls said. “Your feather should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy, said about you — and same with Tucker. I’ll tell you go after them, go after them.”

“This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ, it’s true America,” he continued. “They’re coming after Donald Trump. They’re coming after anybody that’s a MAGA movement individual. We got to push back.”

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