CERN Particle Accelerator To Go Live During Solar Eclipse After Two Year Hiatus

by Kelen McBreen

March 29th 2024, 11:28 am

The European Organization for Nuclear Research’s CERN particle accelerator will be used to search for hidden particles as the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse takes place.

The machine, a Large Hadron Collider (LHC), smashes protons into each other to bust them open and study the subatomic particles inside them. 

During next month’s eclipse, the team of scientists will be trying to prove the existence of dark matter, which is estimated to make up around 28% of the universe despite never being seen.

While the LHC usually operates for one month every year, it has been two years since it was up and running after being turned off during Europe’s 2022 energy crisis.

Last week, scientists revealed a “ghost-like” structure had been discovered inside the particle collider.

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