Executive Director Of Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport Shot Dead In ATF Raid

by Kelen McBreen

March 22nd 2024, 9:31 am

The Executive Director of Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, was shot dead by government agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) during a Tuesday raid on his home.

The federal government accused the airport official, Bryan Malinowski, of breaking federal firearm laws by selling guns without a license.

His family members have pointed out the ATF agents busted in Malinowski’s door and shot him when they could have used any number of preferable methods.

Reports claim the Clinton Airport executive fired shots at the armed federal agents as they broke into his home at 6:00 a.m., which could have been out of fear of a break-in.

Bryan Malinowski’s older brother Matthew said, “The ATF burst into his house, and they did it in a manner that was the most dangerous combination possible. Why? The easiest way to have taken care of this situation – the most common way – would be to wait until he gets in his car, pull over and arrest him. Or you wait until he comes to work and you arrest him there.”

“I mean if these guys from the ATF knew their job – you do a flash bang, you throw a smoke grenade, you throw in tear gas, something to disable the person to get their attention to come on out. Flush them out. There’s no reason to go in guns blazing like you’re playing a video game,” he added.

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