‘Liar! Resign!’: Athens Dem Mayor Faces Backlash For Claiming Laken Riley’s Murder Not Related To Illegal Immigration

by Jamie White

February 28th 2024, 11:17 am

The Democrat mayor of Athens, Georgia, Kelly Girtz faced heated backlash during a press conference on Wednesday after downplaying the murder of 22-year-old college student Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal alien.

Girtz began the press conference by defending illegal immigration and insinuating Riley’s murder was the fault of former President Donald Trump, which was quickly met with scorn by the audience.

“I want to say that we center our work here in Athens-Clarke County on people’s humanity and part of everybody’s humanity is the expectation of human dignity. While 2019 was not that long ago, you might remember the dynamic we were living in in the late teens in this country where you had the president of the United States speak in the most vile terms about people who were foreign born and you had that notion metastasizing —” he said before groans from angry residents stopped him.


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