Klaus Schwab Rebrands Great Reset: Claims Globalists Want ‘Humanocracy’ Instead of ‘Technocracy’

by Jamie White

February 14th 2024, 2:51 pm

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab rebranded his Great Reset system as a “humanocracy” rather than a “technocracy” during the annual World Government Summit.

Speaking at the 2024 World Government Summit in Dubai on Tuesday, Schwab explained that the WEF is moving away from the “technocracy” framework for its “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” AKA the Great Reset, in favor of a more “humanist” approach he called a “humanocracy.”

“If I look forward, we don’t want to move into using the Fourth Industrial Revolution into a cold bureaucracy, we don’t want to move into a technocracy,” Schwab said.

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