Alex Jones Warns: “Russia & the American People Have A Common Enemy”

February 11th 2024, 7:50 am

Alex Jones reveals why he’s against war with Russia and explains how fighting for peace and Team Humanity is the only way forward against globalism:

“I understand that the globalists and corporate interests that have hijacked America and Europe and that are allied with China are the ones dissolving our borders, waging war against our culture, and using our great strength, history, and power to dominate the world,” said Jones. “Just like the Soviet Union for 85 years was run by the very same globalist forces.”

“Russia has escaped from that system. Russia is not involved in our domestic politics, despite what Hilary Clinton says. But the EU, WEF, UN, BlackRock, and the communist Chinese – to a great extent – are. They are involved in all the policies enslaving us.”

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