No Question: The Border Invasion Verified

Bowne Report |

January 29th 2024, 7:52 am

In a letter written to Congress by 10 retired FBI agents including former directors, assistant directors, and special agents in charge, every concern facing the American people was verified.

President Biden’s threat to force Texas Governor Abbott to face the consequences should Texas not abide by the Biden Administration’s demand that razor wire be removed from the Texas border so that millions more non naturalized military aged men could flood the border to go who knows where to prepare for who knows what has, so far, resulted in The White House freezing new natural gas-export licenses. As if Biden were sanctioning a foreign enemy.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, WEF member and reoccurring Davos attendee was on the other side of the world in India, opening a back door for globalism in Texas with the Texas Economic Development Corporation.

None of this makes sense. A real U.S. President following his duty wouldn’t disregard our national security to this maximum level of treason. We are sitting idly by waiting on a false flag to wrench us all back to our senses. But by then we may be too far gone..As the staged events potentially carried out all across the United States could topple our infrastructure and spiral the Country into order out of chaos. Followed by martial law and the cancellation of the 2024 Election. Or the outside chance of a third world level military coup if things get really bumpy. The border is an open bleeding wound slashed repeatedly by the United Nations push for agenda 2030. This is no longer clouded by speculation. This is exactly what is happening. Prepare now.



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