Democrat Warns Trump Will Secure Border With Alligators, Bombing Mexico, Spiked & Electrified Fences!!!!

A Democrat lawmaker mocked former President Donald Trump’s over-the-top proposals to secure the border but in so doing bolstered his support on social media.

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) portrayed Trump as a border security hardliner, claiming he would pull all the stops to keep the border closed, including building alligator-infested moats and installing electrified fencing.

“I want to remind the public that Trump and House Republicans also have their own ideas for the border. Let’s review the majority’s border ideas that they’ve actually presented,” Garcia began during a House Oversight Committee hearing last week.

“Donald Trump has actually said he wants to build alligator moats along the border. That’s one of his incredible ideas. Another idea that Donald Trump has promoted is that he wants to electrify the border fence and maybe even put some spikes on the border.”


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