Washington Democrats Want To Make Armed Self-Defense Illegal At Dangerous Bus Stops

by Zero Hedge

January 19th 2024, 3:55 am

While violent criminals in Seattle have no compunction about carrying weapons wherever they go, Washington Democrats want to strip law abiding citizens of the ability to match force in self-defense in various public places.

As journalist Jason Rantz notes;

Their newest bill bans weapons, including legally purchased guns and knives, at bus stops and transit centers.

SB 5444 isn’t just an overreach; it’s a direct attack on law-abiding citizens. And it disproportionately affects those demographics the Democrats always claim to champion. The irony is as thick as it is infuriating.

While current law prohibits weapons in courtrooms, bars, and other restricted areas, the new bill adds several new categories of prohibited areas, such as public libraries, zoos, aquariums, parks, community centers, and other public buildings – which emboldened criminals will promptly ignore as they prey on victims.

The bill prohibits full-time mass transit users from carrying weapons for self-defense, depriving low-income residents of their right to bear arms.

According to Rantz, western Washington saw a spate of high-profile violent crimes in 2023 – many of which occurred in places that SB 5444 would rob law-abiding citizens of the ability to match force with assailants.

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