Shock Claim: Spike Protein REPLACES Sperm in Vaxxed Men

by Adan Salazar

January 12th 2024, 1:30 pm

Sperm cells in males who have received a Covid-19 injection are being replaced by spike proteins, a German medical examiner has disturbingly claimed.

During a recent lecture, the late pathologist Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt explained how after examining tissue samples from both young and old men who died following vaccination, he discovered spike proteins had overtaken sperm producing organs and the sperm itself.

“Here you see the case where we show the testes,” Burkhardt said, pointing to a slide, “and you can see that in this 28-year-old man who had a healthy son and who died 140 days after injection, the spike protein is in the strongly expressed in the spermatogenic organ in the testes, and you can see there are almost no spermatozides in here, but it’s strongly expression of spike protein in the spermatoconic tissue.”

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