“This Is An SOS! America Is Being Overtaken”: Citizen Journalists Raise Alarm Over Surge of Military-Aged Illegals in Texas


December 21st 2023, 4:59 pm

Citizen journalist Hernando Arce has just released new footage of more illegal military-aged men pouring into South Texas.

The new footage shows a massive gathering of illegals lining up for soup from the back of a car at a CiCi’s Pizza parking lot in San Juan, Texas.

“This is the ‘American Replacement Center,’” said Arce Wednesday night. “These men here will be replacing the blue-collar working-class American women in this country within five years. It’s also going to destroy the middle-class families in the United States of America. As I’m recording this, there’s a historic surge at the borders. [In] Arizona, the bridges have been shut down. In Eagle Pass (Texas), the bridges have been shut down.”

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