EXPOSED: FALSE FLAG AT NIAGARA FALLS! – Rainbow Bridge Explosion Leads To HUGE Fear Campaign!


Nov 22, 2023


World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the explosion at The Rainbow Bridge at the US/Canada border near Niagara Falls. This explosion is clearly the latest in a false flag fear campaign and holds all the trademarks of a false flag considering the right is blaming asylum seekers as if asylum seekers would attack a bridge and border crossing that’s literally meant to welcome asylum seekers. Keep in mind the heightened fear campaign following war with Israel and Gaza. For the past month and a half, governments have warned of potential domestic terror attacks inside the United States and Canada in an attempt to normalize fear of “terror” once again. So it’s not surprising to see this latest attempt to bring the public into a state of shock. Though NBC reports that no bombs were even found in the explosion that killed two, mainstream conservatives are telling people to run for the hills. Just like the left is afraid of words, getting sick and white people, the right is afraid of another invisible enemy. Terrorism. The perfect way to keep us all fighting, divided and in fear. They need to bolster more support for war in Israel as well as a surveillance state at home. Buffalo New York is seeing massive airport delays today as every person and every car is raided by police as New York City receives an intel memo claiming it is as a heightened risk of terrorism. Here we go again…



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