Video: Independent Journalist Infiltrates Freemason Lodge, Exposes Bizarre Rituals

by Adan Salazar

November 17th 2023, 12:31 pm

An independent journalist went undercover inside a freemason lodge to expose the bizarre rituals conducted behind closed doors by one of the world’s most secretive fraternities.

Arizona-based journalist Kyle Clifton said going in he wasn’t aware how much of the freemason teachings are derived from the Talmud, the central and foundational text in Rabbinic Judaism.

“I went undercover with a hidden camera to expose a Freemason ‘Master Mason Degree’ ritual. I was shocked to learn how much of it comes from ancient Talmudic teachings,” noted Clifton.

In one ritual that depicts the preparation of a freemason to be inducted into master mason status, or third degree, masons act out the story of Hiram Abiff, a skilled artisan and chief architect and builder of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem who was murdered by three ruffians after he refused to reveal the secrets of the master mason degree. A six-pointed Star of David-like shape hangs from the wall.

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