Video: New Trump Ad Shows Inside of Hillary Clinton’s Internment Camps Intended to ‘Deprogram’ MAGA Voters

by Adan Salazar

October 20th 2023, 2:32 pm

A powerful new campaign ad by former President Donald Trump illustrates the internment camps where MAGA voters would be formally deprogrammed, in accordance with Hillary Clinton’s recent comments.

“With Trump taking a commanding lead, and Bidenomics hurting American families, genius Hillary Clinton has come up with a way for Biden to win,” the ad says, throwing to a recent video of Clinton saying, “There needs to be a formal deprogramming of the [MAGA] cult members.”

“A brilliant plan, and here’s what that would look like,” a voiceover says while the ad shows clips of brainwashed people marching inside a gray prison-like internment camp facility where they’re brainwashed with constant pro-Biden Democrat propaganda.

“This did not happen,” a man announces to the internment camp through a bullhorn while showing a video of Biden tripping up a flight of stairs to Air Force One.

The advertisement concludes with an internment camp prisoner breaking away from the mindless crowd and displaying to others a video of Trump telling workers being decimated by the Biden economy, “I have your back,” while the grayness of the camp fades into color.

The ad is a masterful rebuke of the establishment’s anti-Trump hysteria, while ingeniously repurposing Clinton’s boneheaded remarks.

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