WARNING: FEMA PREPARES FOR ENSLAVEMENT! – 15 Minute Cities & FEMA’s $3 Billion Climate Fund!

World Alternative Media, Aug 29, 2023

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent $3 billion dollars in funding FEMA has received for what’s called a “Climate Resilience Fund” which marks the second time such a fund has been allocated to FEMA. In December, 2021, FEMA received billions for the same fund. Much of it went into smart city planning under the guise of “stopping climate change.” Now, with fires in Maui, hurricanes in California and Florida, it’s abundantly obvious what’s happening. Land seizure. In fact, Lahaina’s city planners were preparing before the fires to completely redevelop the city into a smart city. AKA: A 15 Minute City. As this happens, technocratic tyranny grows worldwide in the face of climate hysteria and the food supply alongside our freedom of movement and payment are the targets.




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