White House Preparing for Biden Impeachment – NBC

by RT

September 2nd 2023, 10:12 am.

The White House has brought together two dozen legal and media experts to combat an expected Republican effort to impeach US President Joe Biden, NBC reported on Friday, citing a White House aide familiar with the administration’s strategy.

According to eight inside sources, the counter-impeachment strategy has reportedly been in development for several months as House Republicans have attempted to investigate the president and his son, Hunter Biden, and their foreign business entanglements.

The assembled team will attempt to present any impeachment inquiry as an “evidence-free partisan sham that shows a [Republican Party] penchant for chaos,” according to the White House aide who revealed the project to NBC. 

The response will try to show that Biden’s opponents are “out of touch,” one official explained, by juxtaposing Republican attacks on the president with the his work on “economic issues” that affect ordinary Americans.

The team has been constructed to prevent any impeachment inquiry from interfering in White House business, the aide explained. This is supposed to allow administration officials to concentrate on their jobs without being “bogged down in the minutia of ongoing investigations.

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