Transhumanist WEF Adviser Yuval Harari Dismisses New World Order as ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Fantasy’

by Jamie White July 23rd 2023, 11:26 am

World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Noah Harari shot down the notion of an elite globalist cabal working together to achieve a New World Order, panning it as “nonsense” and “fantasy.”

Harari, one of the key architects behind the WEF’s Great Reset, made an appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast last Monday to cast doubt on the New World Order “conspiracy theory”, claiming the world is too “complex” for powerful individuals to map out a global agenda.

“The global cabal theory has many variations, but basically, there is a small group of people, a cabal, that secretly controls everything that is happening in the world,” Harari said. “All the wars, all the revolutions, all the epidemics, everything that is happening is controlled by this very small group of people, who are of course evil and have bad intentions.”

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