The Weaponized Covid Vaccine Rollout

Jon Bowne | July 15th 2023, 10:53 am

The truth about the weaponized Covid Vaccine Eugenics cash cow has finally been allowed to slowly seep out past its gatekeepers.

The truth about the three varying degrees of danger in the batches of mRNA vaccines used worldwide have been revealed by medical researchers to be a psychotic ruse.

As the numbers of needless deaths are being used as talking points by RFK Jr. who is attempting to unseat Joe Biden, deemed mal-information by the Biden Administration’s handlers who have failed to invalidate the truth about the dangers of the vaccines.

The censorship has transformed into what it always was to begin with: a tyrannical Orwellian doublespeak psyop intended to cover up a New World Order genocide debacle that has spiraled out of control.



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