VACCINE NANOBOTS EXPOSED! – New Study Claims Shots Contain Graphene Nanobots!

68,873 views, Jun 23, 2023

Josh Sigurdson reports on the new claims from a recent study that the so-called “covid19 vaccines” contain graphene nanobots which can lead to massive blood clots and may be able to be controlled from outside of the body. We’ve reported in the past on Moderna’s masterpatent from 2018 which includes vaccines that inject people with “organic and inorganic materials” which can be controlled via communication devices. We’ve also reported on Johns Hopkins’ “theragrippers” which are robot parasites that can cling to the lining of your stomach and administer “medicines” remotely. This is just the latest exposure which shows that the eugenics campaign is just the beginning of this transhumanist charade. They’re building a tower of Babel. Eventually it will fall, but first it needs to be finished which means times are going to get worse before they get better. Prepare today.



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