2045 look it up: Amazing Breakdown of globalist Plans

Agenda 2045 is the transhumanism movement also known as the Russian Strategic Social Initiative. Agenda 2045 was founded by Dmitry Itskov, a human man who is hellbent on creating a new breed of humans in what transhumanists call human 2.0. Their belief is that by merging humans (biological) with machine (technology) they can achieve immorality through creating not only cyborgs, but by transferring their own human consciousness into an artificial intelligent avatar body incapable of aging or death. You may think this concept is a psych op or futuristic, impossible With support from the UN, WHO, FDA, CDC, Blackrock & Vanguard group, Bill Gates, George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, multiple former presidents, celebrities, religious leaders & various “elitists groups” such as the Freemasons, Jesuits, & even dating back to the Knights of Khazar. As of today they are on track to create their transhuman society & few people realize it’s happening all around them. From the 5G towers being installed all over the earth during 2020 to the fakedemic that brought in the mRNA technology into humans, they’ve been working towards their end goal of a new humanoid species via transhumanism ushering in the technical singularity they dream of bringing about. The good news is they won’t win. In fact they’ve already lost because this isn’t a problem in just our physical realm. This is truly a spiritual battle between God & Satan. As the Bible warns us believers in Jesus Christ about; we ARE living in the end times known as the end of the age described all over the Bible from Daniel to Matthew to Revelation. As such it’s my belief that we won’t be able to stop this evil from spreading. I do however believe this will bring about the 2nd coming of Jesus. I also believe our best solution is to create small PMA communities with homesteads in safe areas in our respective countries with likeminded skilled humans who wish to remain human. We can create legislation to protect our right to stay human. We can do this together by informing the public. But we don’t have much time left to do so. This is not a political issue. This is our right to remain human issue. And this is where I need your help. I’ve created 2 designs I’ve added to my Shopify store (linked below) to raise awareness to help guide our fellow human to the truth. A portion of the proceeds will go towards funding billboard ads of the same designs to help further educate our fellow human. I hope you will join me in this battle. I’m counting on you.

God bless -Libby Isaiah 6:8

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