‘Call to Arms’: Trans Militant Says He Will Shoot ‘Christian’ Women

by Frankie Stockes | National File April 24th 2023, 10:05 am

A male trans militant proclaiming womanhood issued a “call to arms” to shoot and kill women, specifically “Christian” and “conservative” women, who object to sharing their bathroom facilities with men, threatening in a video statement to make real women “know what fear actually feels like.”


“You need to arm up, plain and simple. Go out and buy a gun. Learn how to use it – efficiently. Through and through.”

“Because the time to act is now. You need to protect yourself and you need to protect your fellow transgender brothers and sisters. You need to protect the rest of us in the LGB community. As I am going to do myself.”

“I do not fear Christians, I do not fear conservatives, I do not fear evangelicals and I do not fear Republicans,” he went on, before vowing to make those groups of women “know what fear actually looks like,” apparently at gunpoint.

“I’m done. I am done with this shit,” he went on.

“This is the war you want, the war you’re gonna get. But I can guarantee you, you’re not gonna get the outcome you want. Because there are lots of people like me who aren’t afraid to die.”

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