Media Tests Narrative: Trans Shooter Was Victim ‘Rejected’ by Christian Parents

by Breitbart March 30th 2023, 4:58 am

The establishment media is testing a new religion-centered narrative about the transgender shooter who allegedly murdered six at a Nashville Christian school.

While several media outlets strategically omitted details of the shooter being transgender on social media initially, a new narrative has appeared to emerge. A report from the Daily Mail now asserts that the 28-year-old suspect, Audrey Hale, was “rejected” by her Christian parents as they reportedly refused to allow Hale to use he/him pronouns or dress as a man under their roof.

From the Daily Mail’s report, Hale would leave the home to change outfits. The outlet cited a “well-placed” source who said the parents “did know about it” but “they just didn’t accept it.”

The Daily Mail framed it this way on March 28: “Twenty years later, after being rejected by her Christian family when she came out to them as gay, Hale had turned into a killer.” The tone appears to place at least partial blame on the shooter’s Christian family. Ironically, based on reports, Hale still lived with her parents, so it remains unclear how much they could have “rejected” her as they continued to put a roof over her head:

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