EXPOSED: CHINESE WORLD ORDER! – Biden Paid By China! – Caught RED-HANDED! – This Is The Great Reset!

94,178 views Mar 18, 2023

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of receipts seen by the Oversight Committee showing the Biden family had been paid by people connected very closely with the Chinese Communist Party… For years… On top of these shady business dealings, Rep. Jamie Raskin covered up for Biden. This is all due to the fact that the government is purposely collapsing itself to lead the way for China to take over globally. This script has been playing out for a long time. Fake a World War 3 scenario and make it appear as though there’s conflict between the countries despite the United States propping up China and Russia in the first place. This allows them to have an excuse for the cashless Great Reset. Klaus Schwab himself has said that China is the role model for his “Great Reset.” From economic collapse that forces the world into BRICS to China’s call for a global civilization following a fake war, it all makes a lot of sense if you study these moves closely. Meanwhile, the United States military is more concerned with “inclusivity” than actual fighting. End of an empire.



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