Excess Deaths in Australia Off the Charts Following Covid “Vaccines” – Highest in 80 Years

by Ethan Huff | NaturalNews.com March 9th 2023, 5:08 pm

(Natural News) One of the most “fully vaccinated” countries in the world for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has now earned the title of also being the sickest and most death-prone society in the world.

That country is Australia, which now has an excess mortality rate that is greater than that of any other country in the world over the last 80 years – and by a longshot.

Australia’s “reward” for obeying the (mis)guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) is an extra 174,000 deaths in 2022, which is 12 percent higher than what was predicted by the experts.

According to data from the Actuaries Institute, Australia’s excess death increase is the most substantial ever in recorded history.

Karen Cutter from the Institute’s Covid-19 mortality working group said that the current levels of death Down Under are “not within normal levels of fluctuation in non-pandemic times.”

“Firstly, mortality risk is higher subsequent to an acute Covid infection, and most Australians have now had Covid-19,” she said, adding that even the Institute believes the so-called “virus” played a direct role in all these deaths – including those that were not even directly attributed to “covid.”

(Related: Earlier figures from last fall showed a 63 percent birth rate reduction in Australia due to covid injections.)

U.K. residents similarly dying in excess due to widespread covid jab uptake

While vaccine side effects were not explicitly cited as a reason for Australia’s increased mortality rates, it is obvious from the data and the timing of the spike that Aussies really started dying after the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

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