City Council Passes 30+Round Magazine Ban, Gun Owners Have Until July 1 to Sell or Move Them

by Adan Salazar February 28th 2023, 1:09 pm

The city council of Columbus, Ohio, passed a resolution Monday voting to require law-abiding gun owners to dispose of firearm magazines that hold 30 rounds or more as part of a new gun control initiative.

Under the new legislation, gun owners with magazines that hold 30 or more rounds, largely referred to in gun circles as “standard capacity,” must move them out of the city, sell them to a licensed gun dealer, or turn them over to police.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the latest legislation amends a city rule that was already on the books since Dec. 5 that outlawed possessing a so-called “large capacity” magazine.

More from The Columbus Dispatch:

Columbus City Council passed legislation Monday that gives owners of gun magazines of 30 rounds or more until July 1 to move them out of the city, sell them to a licensed arms dealer outside Columbus, or turn them over to the city Division of Police.


While new legislation, the ordinance passed Monday essentially amends the gun-control legislation that the City Council passed on Dec. 5 that effectively bans magazines of 30 rounds or more, as well as requires safe gun storage around children and criminalizes giving or selling firearms to anyone prohibited from owning them.


If people hold on to their large magazines after July 1, they can still take them to police for disposal under the new legislation.

According to the Dec. 5 legislation, anyone possessing a magazine that can hold 30 or more rounds would be charged with a misdemeanor with a mandatory 180 consecutive days in jail without work release, with a potential sentence of up to one year, and a $1,500 fine.

“Columbus Democrats will put you in jail and force you to lose your job for not turning over your 30-round magazines,” the Ohio GOP warned Tuesday on Twitter. “Joe Biden and [U.S. Sen.] Sherrod Brown [D-Ohio] want to confiscate all ‘assault weapons.’ Make no mistake, Second Amendment rights are under full attack.”

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