Ukrainian Refugee Girl Finds San Francisco Schools So Violent She Wants to Go Back

by Breitbart February 20th 2023, 5:57 am

A Ukrainian refugee girl who settled in San Francisco with her mother is finding public school in the city so violent that she longs to return to her war-torn country, where she feels children are less cruel to one another.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday:

It didn’t take Yana long to realize that real life in her eighth grade classes at Marina Middle School was nothing like the scenes that played out on her [television] screen.

Students interrupted classes, jumped on desks, cursed at teachers. At first, Yana wondered what was going on, but then, “nothing happened.” Students were not disciplined or prevented from repeat behavior.

Yana just wants to go back to her hometown in central Ukraine, back to the only school she knew before the war, even as her mom and aunt have started to research camps and other programs in San Francisco to occupy the summer months.

A year ago, San Francisco voters recalled three school board members over concerns that the district had moved in a radical, far-left direction.

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