False Flag Alert! Russia Claims European Nation Sent ‘Radioactive Substances’ To Ukraine For Staged Disaster

by Kelen McBreen February 20th 2023, 2:02 pm

The Russian Ministry of Defense on Sunday issued a warning after they reportedly received information about containers full of radioactive substances being sent to Ukraine by a European country.

“Several containers with radioactive substances were delivered to (Ukraine) from the territory of a European country,” the Russians said. “These containers will be used to stage local contamination of a region close to one of the radiation-hazardous facilities controlled by the Kiev regime.”

According to The Mirror, “Reports in Russia said Ukraine said the baseless provocation would take place in and around Chernobyl, the infamous site of a nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union in 1985.”

Russia’s defense ministry stated, “The aim of the provocation is to accuse Russia’s army of allegedly carrying out indiscriminate strikes on hazardous radioactive facilities in Ukraine, leading to the leakage of radioactive substances and contamination of the area.”

This accusation by the Russians comes as Sleepy Joe Biden is currently visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the nation’s capital city Kyiv.

It appears as if the tension between Russia and the West is only growing despite cries for peace coming from people across the globe.




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