Insider: The UN Pandemic Treaty Establishes a Global Police State

The Alex Jones Show February 15th 2023, 5:16 pm

Dr. Francis Boyle joined The Alex Jones Show Wednesday to call out the UN Pandemic Treaty that establishes a global police state.

Dr. Boyle, the author of America’s Biological Weapons Act, explained how a WHO treaty applicable to pandemics is being prepared ahead of the “next pandemic” they’ll intentionally release upon the signing of the treaty.

He told Jones, “They know there’s going to be another pandemic because they know full well it’s coming out of their own biosafety warfare labs like Covid-19 did coming out of the University of North Carolina BSL-3 lab and the Wuhan BSL-4, which is Chinese Ft. Detrick. WHO is a sponsoring institution of the BSL-4.”



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