Nancy Pelosi held EXORCISM at her San Francisco mansion to try and banish ‘evil spirits’

by Daily Mail January 22nd 2023, 7:40 am

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi cannot get Communion in San Francisco anymore, but that didn’t stop her from contacting men of the cloth in an attempt to rid her home of evil spirits. 

According to her daughter, Alexandra, ‘Over Thanksgiving, [Pelosi] had priests coming, trying to have an exorcism of the house and having prayer services.’ 

The Democrat’s daughter was discussing the attack on her father Paul Pelosi, 82, during an interview with the New York Times, when she mentioned the Catholic ritual for ridding demons from specific persons and spaces. 

In October, conspiracy theorist David DePape, 42, broke into the Pelosi’s Bay Area home, authorities said. The suspect severely beat Paul Pelosi with a hammer in an attack that shocked the political world. 

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