Crazed Leftist Cher Lashes Out at Anti-vaxxers After She Contracts Flu, Blames Their ‘Propaganda’ for Her Vaccine Hesitancy January 3rd 2023, 2:14 pm

Left-leaning pop singer Cher freaked out on anti-vaxxers after contracting the flu last month, bizarrely blaming the vaccine skeptics for making her skeptical about taking the flu jab.

The GateWay Pundit reports:

In a tweet earlier in December, the 76-year-old claimed that she hesitated to get a flu shot last 2022 because of the anti-vaxxers propaganda and is now suffering from a persistent cough and a burning sensation in her throat.

The ‘Goddess of Pop’ demanded that everyone with knowledge of the potential harm caused by flu and Covid-19 shots should keep the information themselves.

The “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer proclaimed in all caps, “GOT FLU,& IT’S MAJOR BITCH!! CAN’T STOP COUGHING, THROAT’S ON [fire emoji].”

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