Watch: Andrew Tate Predicted His Arrest For Months — ‘They’re Either Gonna Try to Put Me in Jail or Kill Me’ January 1st 2023, 1:21 pm

Former kickboxer and influencer Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania last week in connection with a human trafficking probe.

Tate had explained in previous videos uploaded to social media that he was being targeted by the establishment for teaching his massive followers how to think for themselves and reject “The Matrix” of fake culture.

“First they insult your character and attack you. They attack you and cancel you. They put you in jail for something you did not do. And the last thing is they kill you,” Tate said a few months ago.

“I like to think that if anybody sees a media article where I’ve been locked up for whatever it is, they’re gonna go, ‘This is bullsh*t. Tate didn’t do that.’ With the scrutiny I’m under, does anyone think I’m breaking the law?”

Tate recently predicted he would be arrested or killed because the media failed to assassinate his character and silence him.

“They’re either gonna try to put me in jail or they’re gonna kill me, on a long enough timeframe, because they tried to shut me up and I won’t shut up,” the British-American said on the “Real Talk” podcast.

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