American Girl Doll Company Promotes Gender Transition, Puberty Blockers to Girls as Young as 3 December 8th 2022, 1:14 pm

A book published by the American Girl doll company exposes girls as young as 3 to puberty blockers and encourages gender exploration, sparking outrage from parents concerned the book conditions children to question their femininity.

“If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity,” the 96-page book titled, Body Image, tells young girls between 3 and 12 years of age.

“It’s not your job to look the way people expect–it’s your job to be you,” another passage tells girls.

Images provided by The Daily Mail show the book also teaches girls that “The way you show your gender to the world through clothes and behaviors is your gender expression. Your gender expression can be feminine, masculine, or somewhere in between–and it might change!”

“Maybe you’ll experiment with bright dresses and long, feminine hairstyles. Or you might try baggy shorts, plaid shirts, and a buzzed haircut. Your gender expression should make you feel at home in your body.”

So-called “cisgender” and “nonbinary” individuals “might use a pronoun like they instead of he or she,” the book says.

Another segment of the book is dedicated to transgenderism, with the author encouraging children to ask a trusted adult to seek out a “specially trained doctor, who can help you and your family decide what’s best for your body.”

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