UNVAXXED TO BE DRUGGED & INSTITUTIONALIZED? – Canadian College Of Physicians Support Vax Tyranny!

Josh Sigurdson reports on recent news out of Canada regarding the recommendation by the Canadian College Of Physicians to drug with pharmaceuticals and institutionalize those who are not vaccinated or so-called “vaccine hesitant.” This is the latest call for the destruction of bodily autonomy which piles onto thousands of other examples out of Canada alone. Of course Politifact claims the story is false, however, if you go to the actual website of the Canadian College Of Physicians and read their FAQ on covid, it literally says exactly that. It also calls for doctors to not be “empowered” by exemptions. All the while, thousands of cardiologists are coming out against the dangers of the vax. Meanwhile, Trudeau testified regarding the trucker convoy and openly lied about the fact that he called unvaccinated “racist and misogynistic.” There is literally video. We break down this latest news of vaccine tyranny and break down examples of studies proving our case in this video.

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