Olympic Swimmer, 24, Injured By Pfizer Covid Jab: ‘I Couldn’t Function – I Wanted to End My Life’

by Adan Salazar November 14th 2022, 1:52 pm

A British Olympic swimmer-turned-actress says she was nearly killed by a work-mandated Covid-19 vaccine, and that her debilitating side effects were ignored by the National Health Service (NHS).

In a testimonial appearing in an Epoch Times documentary titled, “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion,” Genevieve Florence, 24, details how her life took a turn for the worse after she landed her first big acting gig, which required her to be double-jabbed.

“The industry required me to be double-vaccinated to work on films,” Florence described, adding, “I immediately regretted it soon as she put it in my arm. I just thought, ‘Well, what have I done?’”

In the weeks that followed, Florence who previously competed in the European Olympics representing TeamGB began suffering debilitating headaches that prevented her from being able function normally.

“Symptoms after my first Pfizer jab: inability to control my body temperature and heart rate, agonising pain in my head that made the room spin, exhaustion, debilitating brain fog, chest pain, shaking, burning sensations. I couldn’t walk in a straight line, couldn’t walk properly,” Florence documented on Twitter last month.

“I couldn’t do anything,” she admitted in the documentary. “It was like someone was actually inside my skull, like pushing out. I can’t explain how awful it was. And it was I was dizzy. I was literally crawling.”

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