NBC News Admits Anti-Vaxxers Were Right About COVID Shots Causing Myocarditis

by Jamie White November 14th 2022, 12:30 pm

NBC News is finally admitting what Infowars has been reporting for years: the so-called COVID vaccinations are resulting in severe adverse side effects like myocarditis.

In a piece titled, “Myocarditis after Covid vaccination: Research on possible long-term risks underway,” NBC News explained that pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna have begun clinical trials to track myocarditis in teens and young adults who took the experimental jab.

Moderna has already launched two clinical trials in September, while Pfizer will study 500 vaccinated teens and young adults under 21 in a couple of months.

From NBC News:

Myocarditis is a condition that has long been linked to a number of viral infections, including influenza, coxsackieviruses, as well as Covid. It has also been observed as an infrequent but worrisome side effect of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

Of the hundreds of millions of Covid vaccine doses given in the U.S. since late 2020, there have been around 1,000 reports of vaccine-related myocarditis or pericarditis in children under age 18, primarily young males, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of those who developed the condition have fully recovered, although research so far has only looked at how well they’re doing after several months. Some doctors wonder if it can cause permanent damage to the heart.

Now, the first research in the U.S. is underway, tracking adverse health effects — if any — that may appear in the years following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated heart problems. Moderna has already launched two trials, the most recent in September. Pfizer confirmed that at least one of its trials, which will include up to 500 teens and young adults under age 21, is slated to begin in the next couple of months.

The CDC’s claim it received only 1,000 reports of myocarditis since the vaccine rollout is grossly inaccurate: in fact, the agency received over 1,200 reports of the heart injury just TWO MONTHS after the jab rollout alone.

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