Video: Chinese Drone Barks Orders & Demands QR Code Scan At Checkpoint

by Jamie White October 30th 2022, 12:18 pm

Shocking video out of Communist China shows a drone hovering above a border checkpoint barking orders at motorists to scan the accompanying QR code attached to it.

The video shows a small quadcopter “police” drone carrying a QR code hovering 20 feet above the road demanding drivers scan the code to see if they qualify to cross the checkpoint.

This is something out of “THX 1138,” a 1971 film set in a dystopian future in where the populace is controlled through android police and mandatory emotion-suppressing drugs.

This comes as China continues to impose lockdowns in specific regions of the country over a supposed COVID resurgence.

China has been leveraging drones during the COVID crisis, deploying them to bark orders at citizens to remain in their homes or observe social distancing rules.

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