EU Parliament: PROSECUTE PFIZER? – Governments DEMAND ANSWERS! – Pfizergate Gets CRAZIER!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent video of EU Parliament member and politician Mislav Kolakušić demanding not only a further investigation into Pfizer after they admitted in front of the parliament recently to member Rob Roos that they never tested the vaccines for transmission, but he’s also demanding a refund from the company in the billions of dollars and is calling for prosecution!

In the video that has now gone viral in the face of the so-called “Pfizergate” controversy, the already outspoken Croatian politician echoes what billions worldwide are thinking. Meanwhile, there are still court proceedings to give the death penalty to a member of the WHO in India over her dissuading of people away from Ivermectin as well as the recent court hearing against Bill Gates and the Indian government (by our friend Yohan Tengra and others) launched by the High Court in India for vaccine death and injury.



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