Pelosi Ripped on Twitter as ‘Racist’ After Saying Florida Needs Illegal Migrants to ‘Pick the Crops’

by Sputnik October 1st 2022, 10:01 am

Republican governors such as Texas’s Greg Abbott, and Florida’s Ron DeSantis have been lambasting Joe Biden for his “open border policies”. In response, they have been transporting illegal migrants to New York City, Washington D.C., and other localities that have touted themselves as sanctuaries for asylum-seekers.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unleashed a barrage of backlash on social media for her “demeaning” remarks after she claimed that farmers in Florida “need” illegal immigrants “pick the crops.”

Responding to a question about the US-Mexico border crisis during a press conference on September 30, Pelosi first weighed in on the need for balancing border security and ‘openness’ to migrants.

“The fact is, is that, uh, we have a responsibility to secure our border. We also have a responsibility to recognize the importance of newcomers to our nation. Right now the best thing we can do for our economy is have comprehensive immigration reform,” she said.

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