Fleischer: Dems Are “Counting On The Left-wing Base That Thinks The World Is Going To End In 12 Years”

by Steve Watson August 3rd 2022, 6:12 am

Conservative political consultant Ari Fleischer slammed the Democrats’ relentless and futile efforts to ‘transition’ to a green economy Tuesday, noting that the Party is increasingly seeking to appeal to extreme left wing radicals only.

Commenting on the so called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, Fleischer asserted “I don’t see how this is a political winner for the Democrats unless they are counting on the left-wing base of the party that just thinks the world is going to end in 12 years.”

He added, “I guess we are down to 10 or 8. For them, there’s no longer sitting on their hands getting out to vote because of the hundreds of billions of subsidies that are going to causes that I suppose they support.”

Fleischer further stated that “this bill really should be named the Raise Taxes And Push The Economy Deeper Into Recession Act.”

“I have never in my entire career heard of somebody who thinks it’s good public policy to raise taxes here as the nation is entering a recession,” Fleischer explained, adding “That prolongs recessions, that doesn’t stimulate the economy, that doesn’t give you the help that you need, it makes things worse.”

“And why? For really what is essentially corporate welfare,” Fleischer continued, labelling Democrat Joe Manchin a “mini Green New Dealer.”

“This is a gigantic spending bill to give money to green corporate welfare and that’s what so much of the green industry has grown up into,” he further declared, adding that “Without subsidies they would never be competitive, they would never exist in the more subsidies you give them the more they are hooked on government.”




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