WHO Director-General Wants You to Put the Slave Mask Back On

Infowars.com July 13th 2022, 5:18 pm

One of the most vexing parts of the Covid-19 pandemic may soon make a comeback, as the World Health Organization is calling on nations to reinstitute compulsory mask policies.

On Tuesday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in public remarks the return of masks is needed due to a purported increase in Covid cases.

“…There is a major disconnect in COVID-19 risk perception between scientific communities, political leaders and the general public,” the WHO director stated.

“This is a dual challenge of communicating risk and building community trust in health tools and public health social measures like masking, distancing and ventilation.”

Ghebreyesus went on to claim mask policies must be reimplemented to combat the rise in new Covid cases.

“As transmission and hospitalizations rise, governments must also deploy tried and tested measures like masking, improved ventilation and test and treat protocols,” he wrote.

The WHO director’s latest calls for masks belie a multitude of studies conducted during the coronavirus pandemic proving masks have little to no effect countering viral transmission of the coronavirus, and in fact may adversely affect childhood intellectual development.

While masks are evidently ineffective, many liberal strongholds, places like California’s Bay AreaNew York City, and even France, are voluntarily reimposing mask mandates in alleged efforts to slow the spread of Covid infections.




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