Graphic: Ukraine War Weekend Update

by Kelen McBreen

Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster continues providing exclusive coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Embedded with the DPR & Russian military, Lancaster has been documenting firsthand accounts from citizens and footage exposing the disturbing realities of war.

This set of videos is the first time Lancaster has reported from Eastern Mariupol.

Friday, the American military veteran-turned reporter talked with a woman in Mariupol who described citizens being killed by shelling as bodies lay in the background.

The woman, like hundreds of others interviewed over the past few months, told Lancaster she is sure it is Ukrainian Azov troops who shoot at the civilians, saying, “I don’t know why the troops who are called upon to protect us are shelling us.”

Some of the deceased individuals filmed had white bands tied around their necks or wrists, signaling they were killed by Ukrainian troops for being loyal to Russia or trying to surrender.

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