Ex-CIA Spy Brags About ‘Swinging’ 2020 Election With Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression Campaign

by Jamie White

A former CIA officer took to Twitter to boast about how he helped “swing” the 2020 presidential election “away from Trump” by trying to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell story as Russian disinformation.

The admission by John Sipher, a retired officer of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, came during a spat with former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell over the weekend.

Sipher was one of the 51 intelligence officials who signed a letter falsely claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story broken by The New York Post in October 2020 was “Russian disinformation.”

“I take special pride in swinging the election away from Trump. You’re welcome,” Sipher tweeted.

“Maybe cowardly Dick forgot he blocked me for the last several years and only unblocked me to give me credit for swinging the election.”

Over a year after The Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, The New York Times finally decided to acknowledge that the laptop did indeed belong to Hunter Biden and did contain a trove of emails detailing Joe and Hunter’s corrupt dealings with China, Ukraine, Russia, and others.

Perhaps realizing he admitted to participating in hijacking the U.S. election’s democratic process, Sipher did some damage control trying to claim that he never said Biden’s story was Russian disinformation, but that “Russia and the right wing” were “amplifying” the story for “disinformation purposes.”

“Just to be clear. Disingenuous Dick and his cronies are spinning this story by pretending the letter said something it didn’t say. Didn’t say the laptop wasn’t Biden’s but that Russia and the right wing were exploring and amplifying the story for disinformation purposes.”

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