Hollywood Unlocked Claims That ‘Queen Elizabeth Dead’ Denied

by Sputnik

On Tuesday, Buckingham Palace said in a statement that Queen Elizabeth, who previously tested positive for COVID-19, had cancelled planned virtual engagements as she was experiencing mild coronavirus symptoms.Dayo Okewale, a chief of staff in the House of Lords has rejected a shocking claim by the website Hollywood Unlocked that Queen Elizabeth II is dead as “false”.

He said that “there is no credible source that verifies” the website’s allegations.Twitter screenshot - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.02.2022Okewale’s statement followed unsubstantiated claims by Hollywood Unlocked, which reported that “it is with our deepest regret to inform you that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has died”.

The website then went further and referred to “sources close to the Royal Kingdom”, who “exclusively” notified Hollywood Unlocked that the Queen “has passed away”. According to those “sources”, the monarch “was scheduled to attend the wedding of British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, but was found dead”.A screenshot of a post from the Instagram page Hollywood Unlocked claiming Queen Elizabeth II died - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.02.2022A screenshot of a post from the Instagram page Hollywood Unlocked claiming Queen Elizabeth II died© Photo : Instagram screenshotMost netizens immediately took a swipe at the Hollywood Unlockedreport, posting sarcastic tweets and suggesting that the website is “about to get sued”.

“Hollywood Unlocked saying the queen is dead. source: close to the royal kingdom a.k.a. trust me bro”, one user tweeted.They were echoed by another who wrote, saying they are “finished” because the only source telling them “the Queen is dead” is Hollywood Unlocked.”The fact Hollywood Unlocked is reporting the Queen is dead and people actually believe it. Jesus Christ , no hope for humanity”, one more netizen noted.

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