Homelessness in San Francisco is Now so Bad Residents Are Being Asked to House a Homeless Person in Their OWN HOMES

by Daily Mail

Homelessness in the Bay Area has become such a problem people are being urged to give their spare rooms over to the homeless.

Some charities have urged local families – who are sick of seeing the homeless crisis on their doorsteps – to do something about it personally by taking unhoused people into their own homes and spare rooms – and some schemes have little to no compensation. 

Christi Carpenter, executive director of East Bay nonprofit Safe Time, which places homeless families and college students in spare bedrooms, for one-six months, told Mercury News: ‘This is something that someone can do when they just feel that despair of ‘oh my gosh, I just can’t stand seeing these poor people on the streets near my home.’ Since 2017, the group has made more than 60 placements.

The mayor of Richmond, a city in the Bay Area 20 miles from downtown San Francisco, meanwhile, has set up a program to match homeless people with local landlords who have empty apartments. 

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