DOD Claims “Glitch in Database” After Attorney Exposes Skyrocketing Military Vaccine Injuries

by Adan Salazar

The Department of Defense is claiming the recent spike in military vaccine illnesses exposed during a recent vaccine panel discussion are due to a system glitch, attorney Thomas Renz told Infowars.

We get another set of whistleblowers from the military, and they’re using DMED… So this is the premier database in the world for analyzing what’s going on with health trends and epidemiology, and it focuses on our soldiers. So all the data that’s in there comes through a system called DMSS, which is the Defense Medical Surveillance System… and that’s medical records for all our soldiers. And DMED is there – and we pay millions of dollars per year for a whole bunch of people to sit and watch, and to watch for injuries, and to watch for trends, and to make sure that it’s good strong solid data, and that it’s real good.”

Renz says after he referenced the database at a panel discussion held by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), the DoD panicked and proceeded to claim the past five years of DMED data was skewed by a glitch making percentages sometimes up to 1,000% off.

They go to the DoD – who I’ve got three different whistleblowers telling me in the last few days how panicked the DoD is over this, because the truth is coming out and it shows they’re aware that they’re killing our soldiers – the DoD comes out and says ‘Well, we made a mistake for the last five years.’

Graphs presented by Renz from the DMED illustrate how a drastic spike in ambulatory and neurological illnesses in 2021 coincide with the introduction of vaccines.

The DoD altered its data after Renz called attention to it:

Renz’s shocking allegations were so damning the DoD was forced to push back against them.

In a statement to Politifact last week, a representative for the Defense Department’s Armed Forces Health Surveillance Division, Peter Graves, claimed the high number of recent military vaccine injuries exposed by Renz and documented in the DMED was due to mis-reported data.

Officials compared numbers in the DMED with source data in the DMSS and found that the total number of medical diagnoses from those years “represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses.” The 2021 numbers, however, were up-to-date, giving the “appearance of significant increased occurrence of all medical diagnoses in 2021 because of the underreported data for 2016-2020,” Graves said.

The DMED system has been taken offline to “identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption,” Graves said.

Renz says he’s prepared to cite the data as factually accurate in court under penalty of perjury, and also plans to present the information to Congress.

“This demonstrates it all. This is the best information out there. The best. There’s no question what’s happening. And you know the next step is, along with submitting it in the courts and everywhere else, we’re gonna be sending this information to the leaders of the House and Senate and we’re gonna be asking them, ‘Hey, are you guys gonna hold these people accountable? Are you gonna do something with this? Are you gonna stand with the soldiers and the American people? Or are you gonna continue to be bought out by special interests, Big Pharma and the billionaire crowd?”



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