Teammates Complain UPenn Trans Swimmer Won’t Cover Male Genitals in Locker Room, Coach Ignores Concerns

A teammate of trans University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas has gone on record complaining she feels uncomfortable in her own locker room because her biologically male teammate sometimes won’t cover his genitals.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the anonymous teammate described being freaked out by Thomas, who’s made it apparent s/he’s still attracted to women.

“It’s definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women,” the unidentified swimmer told The Daily Mail.

The Mail reports:

While Lia covers herself with a towel sometimes, there’s a decent amount of nudity, the swimmer said. She and others have had a glimpse at her private parts.

She stated that team members have raised their concern with the coach, trying to get Thomas ousted from the female locker room, but got nowhere.

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