‘I Can Barely Afford Bacon Now!’: Biden Voters Tell CBS Country Worse Off After 1 Year


Voters now realize Biden administration responsible for rampant inflation, draconian COVID restrictions, supply chain breakdowns and foreign policy embarrassments.

Voters of Joe Biden told CBS News that the country is worse off now after one year under the Biden administration due to soaring inflation, supply chain problems, COVID restrictions, and more.

“Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan interviewed a focus group of 3 Biden voters and 3 Trump voters to gauge Biden’s performance.

When asked through a show of hands if anybody thought the economy was better off under Biden, not a single person raised their hand, and one voter gave a thumbs down.

Brennan then tried gaslighting them with falsities: “All of you are saying no? Even though the jobs picture is brighter? Even though the direction of the economy recovery is happening?”

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