Olympic Runner Develops Heart Problems After Taking Covid Jab


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An Olympic athlete was diagnosed with a potentially career-ending illness after taking a Covid-19 booster shot.

Doctors told Swiss runner Fabienne Schlumpf  that she had myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which caused her heart rate to skyrocket after a recent run.

“When the 31-year-old felt very tired before Christmas in everyday life and even after a casual endurance run, including a violent heartbeat, she had herself exampled,” a Swiss paper reported, translated from German.

Interestingly, the paper pointed out that myocarditis is usually caused by a viral infection, but that Schlumpf never tested positive for Coronavirus, only that she had been vaccinated.

“Usually a viral infection leads to myocarditis, Schlumpf does not see a connection with Corona,” the paper stated. “She has been vaccinated and boostered and has not been infected so far.”

The runner joins a growing group of elite athletes who have developed sudden, severe heart problems after taking a Covid shot, including numerous soccer players who had collapsed suddenly.

Major media outlets claimed that the unusually large number of athletes collapsing was merely a “coincidence,” even though medical journals have already noticed a possible association between myocarditis and Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

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