Fauci Admits Kids Are Not Being Hospitalised From COVID, But Says Vaccinate Them Anyway

by Steve Watson

Anthony Fauci admitted Thursday that children are not being hospitalised from COVID, rather the reason for an increase in children in hospital WITH COVID is because of an increase in testing. The kids are being admitted for OTHER reasons. Still, Fauci said to not vaccinate kids wouldn’t make any sense.

Fauci made the admission on MSNBC:

However, in a further appearance on NewsNation’s ‘Morning in America’ Fauci said “We vaccinate children for any number of childhood diseases when the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of Covid-19 in children.”

He further stated that the rationale of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their kids “doesn’t make any sense,” and that it is a parent’s “responsibility” to get their child vaccinated.

Despite admitting that Children don’t on the whole get seriously ill from COVID, Fauci said some are “suffering” and “dying,” and that this would be “avoidable” if their parents vaccinated them.

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