Where Suicidal Kids Are Locked In Cells For More Than 23 Hours A Day

by Kelen McBreen

Australians and visitors to the island who find themselves in Covid quarantine camps are beginning to speak out regarding the poor treatment they are receiving.

For example, an article published by The Guardian on Thursday accused staff at the Northern Territory’s two youth detention centers of leaving children locked in cells for over 23 hours a day.

The report states, “The team also found the young inmates were being denied adequate access to education and medical services due to a lack of staff. Some young people were left in their cells for up to 23 hours and 45 minutes a day awaiting medical assessment for self-harm concerns.”

In another depiction of quarantine camp life, an Australian woman who was forcibly taken to the Northern Territory’s Howard Springs facility filmed a pair of workers threatening to fine her $5,000 for talking to another person through a fence.

“You can’t leave your balcony to go to the fence to talk to somebody else,” a man in full medical PPE told the woman.

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